Monday, October 27, 2008


Yes, the title of this post is what you think it is. Today I paid $1.84 a gallon for gas. Let me say it again.

One dollar and eighty-four cents.
Per gallon.
Of gasoline.
The kind you put in your car.
Regular unleaded.
Oh, yeah!

The actual price at the pump here is $2.06, but our grocery store gives a cents-per-gallon discount that you accumulate by shopping there. So I used my 22 cent discount for the month of October to buy 10.5 gallons of gas for less than $20 total! I'm not really excited about the general financial situation in our country, but the low gas prices are something I can get REALLY happy about.


Mom said...

On my way home from work I saw it at $2.11. I'm really glad to see the prices coming down, especially with our upcoming trip this week!

Darth Chuckles said...

I saw $2.02 on the way to work this morning and my jaw hit the floor. I still can't believe it.