Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rice Cereal!

My cutie boy got his first taste of rice cereal today! We've been changing his schedule (dropping the 10pm dream feed), so I decided to wait to start the cereal until we got that set. But he's been on the new schedule since Friday (Now he sleeps from 8:30pm to 7am!), so today we went for it! It was fun!! He did alright with it - wasn't sure exactly what was going on, and was impatient to just finish his meal already! But he did great opening his mouth for the spoon, and I think he swallowed most of what I put in his mouth. So I'll keep it up one meal a day for a little while and see how it goes! Here are a few pics of the occasion for your enjoyment.


Jessica said...

Wow! He's sleeping all night now! That's awesome! Good job!

Katie said...

You did a good job in keeping his mouth clean, judging by the pictures. :) Although I will say, I hope Eli keeps sleeping through the night for you. Don't be surprised if he doesn't here in a few weeks.

Charity said...

joni, he's soooo cute! come visit me, so i can see you guys! ;)