Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'm A Good Citizen!

I voted today!

When I went a couple weeks ago to register, the lady at the County Clerk's office saw that I had Elias with me. She said that our precinct is the largest in the county, and the lines to vote are usually hours long. So since I'd have the baby with me, she strongly recommended that I come in and do an absentee ballot beforehand so I wouldn't have to navigate the long wait with what would quickly become a very unhappy baby. So we went to the courthouse today and did an absentee vote, which was quick and easy, and now I have a good conscience because I voted!

There were quite a few others there to do absentee votes - one other family with small kids and several elderly people. They all just smiled and cooed at Elias, who charms people left and right everywhere he goes. One elderly lady was coming in as we were leaving, and she stopped to talk to Elias. She apologized to him that he was going to have to clean up the "hell of a mess our generation has left for you!" Oh my. I told her he'd do his best.

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