Friday, October 10, 2008

Little Buddies

We have a small group at church that has 6 couples in it, and 4 of these couples have babies under 1! (Of the other two couples, one is newlyweds who don't have kids yet, and the other has older girls - ages 2 & 4.) So it is quite a little zoo when we all get together, and so much fun to have friends who are in the exact same stage of life we are in. One of the mommies snapped a picture of all the babies "playing" together at last week's small group, and I couldn't resist sharing. SO CUTE!!! (Click on the picture to see a bigger version.)From left to right: Wyatt (3 months), Noah (6.5 months), Josie (9.5 months), and Elias (4.5 months)


Jessica said...

All right! I guessed the right baby as my nephew! I'm such a good aunt!

Mom said...

What a great picture! It made me laugh out loud. They are so cute, and I'm glad that there are little ones that Eli will grow up with. How great that you all are part of the same small group.