Friday, October 03, 2008

5.3 Days Out of My Life!

I'm still pumping my milk for Elias, and we're doing great with that. I had a discovery today, though, that I thought was too funny not to share. I keep track of my pumping on a spreadsheet (Yep, major nerd!), and so I have a record of all my pumps since I started tracking in the middle of August. So September is the first month that I have the full data for. Out of curiosity, I totaled it up to see how long I spent pumping for the month. Oh my.

In the month of September, I pumped 7,672 minutes,
which equals 127.9 hours,
which equals 5.3 days!!!! DAYS!

I spent almost 18% of the month of September pumping! (If I had kept track of how many hours I slept, I would be able to figure out what percentage of my waking hours was spent pumping... That might be too depressing to know that, though...)

I pumped 727 ounces in those 5.3 days, though, so I think that's worth it. LOL! Just had to share.


KarenD said...

Wow, I hate pumping. I still do it, but gosh, couldn't do it that much!

How is rice cereal going?

Jackie said...

That is amazing... what do you do during pumping to keep from getting bored? I can barely do it for 10 minutes.

Joni said...

Jackie, for my first and last pumps of the day, when my boys are both asleep, I sit on the couch and read. It's nice to have such a peaceful quiet time to relax and read when the house is dark and quiet. I do my quiet time during the second pump. Then for my other pumps, I bring the pump to the computer and pump while surfing. I would never have time to email or blog if I didn't have the pump making me sit still for that long!

Joni said...

Karen, we haven't started the cereal yet. We've been messing with his schedule (dropping the 10pm dream feed), so I wanted to wait until we were done with that. He's on his new schedule now, so I'll probably start the cereal on Monday. I'm sure I'll post about it!