Monday, December 22, 2008

7 Months!

My baby boy turned 7 months old yesterday! I cannot believe how much he is growing and developing - he's transforming into a little person right before my eyes! There haven't been a whole lot of physical developments this month (besides the fact that I had to go out and buy 18-month onesies because the 12-months were getting snug length-wise. Are you kidding me?!), but his social and mental developments are blowing me away! He's becoming so much more interactive and able to do things! I've been posting pictures out the wazoo, so there won't be a whole lot of pics in this post in an effort to keep it a teensy bit shorter.

He still loves playing on his tummy, and he's starting to try to get up on all fours. This always results in him rolling over, since he hasn't figured out how to use his hands for balance while he gets his knees under him. You can see him working on it, though, so it won't be too much longer. He's also very close to being able to sit up unsupported. He can do a few seconds, but nothing Mommy wants to let him try alone yet!

He is rolling and spinning all over the place, though, so there isn't much that he can't reach or do now. I'm trying to just chill about him getting into stuff. I want him to be able to explore on his own and play independently, so it's just going to have to be ok if he bonks his head on the table or something. I can't be hovering over him all the time, and I don't want him to feel like he needs that. So he often has a red mark on his head from whacking it on something, but he never cries about it. The only time he cries from pain is when he smashes his fingers, either between two blocks or when he closes them into his baby laptop.

He's started reaching up for things, the precursor to pulling up and climbing, I think. He'll reach up and pull over the laundry basket or toy box. The other day he rolled over to his swing and managed to pull up the whole front half of his body into it! Silly boy. He's too big for that swing now, so we should really just put it up, but he has fun playing with it!

He's also started playing Peekaboo, which is really fun! It's actually something he started doing on his own, we think it's because he reads "Pat the Bunny" every day with Daddy, in which he plays Peekaboo with Paul. But he'll duck his head down and then raise it up fast, thrilling when somebody says "Peekaboo!" He loves it when we duck behind the table or door and play Peekaboo. Here is a video I took today of him playing Peekaboo when I hid behind a door. Sorry it's so dark - still haven't read the camera manual. :)

He also LOVES to read books, which thrills my heart. He has come to know his favorite books, which are "Pat the Bunny," "Fluffy Chick and Friends," and "Tall Book of Words." He knows what's coming and he knows what to do with the interactive books - he'll lift up the flap to find Paul when playing Peekaboo, and he'll grab the pig's curly tail in the Fluffy Chick book. He'll sit in our laps and just read a book over and over - grabbing and patting the pages.

We are still having so much fun with him, and it's a blessing to see him growing before our eyes.

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Katie said...

Happy 7-month Birthday, Eli!

Carina got a baby laptop for Christmas from some of my family--and she did the finger-smashing thing yesterday, too. You'd think she'd just broken her arm the way she cried. These poor babies. :)