Friday, December 19, 2008

Wildcat Fan in Training

As most of you know, my husband is a devoted fan of the Kentucky Wildcats when it comes to basketball. He can quote you any statistic about any team or player from any year since basketball was invented. I'm not exaggerating. Anyways, this means that any children we have are required to be basketball fans and root for the Cats, too. So last weekend, Elias got his first chance to watch a Kentucky game on TV with Daddy, and they both had fun!Elias doesn't have much Kentucky gear to wear at the moment, but I did put him in blue! And he did sport the cute UK socks that his Grandma (Umm, do I mean Santa? I forget...) gave him for Christmas last year - before he was even born!

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JTapp said...

Had UK not been blowing out IU, I might not have let him watch it with me because daddy would not have been in a good mood. As it was, we had fun.