Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mommy's Little "Helper"

Although he's not crawling yet, Elias is fairly mobile with his scooting and rolling. So he manages to get into whatever I'm doing most of the time. I like to say he's "helping" me fold laundry or bake cookies. So the other day I was folding his diapers when he rolled over, reached up and grabbed the laundry basket, and tipped the entire contents onto the floor! What a helper! LOL. He was having fun, though! So once I finished with the diapers, I put him in the basket, and he got a kick out of sitting in it.


Ashlee said...

When the weather was warmer I would carry Noah outside in the laundry basket and he'd just hang out in the basket while I hung out clothes. He loved it! And it kept him propped up outside, which he seemed to enjoy & I could get our clothes dry!

Jessica said...

Just yesterday Patriot and Azlan were both sitting in laundry baskets making a train. I don't know when they outgrow their love of the laundry basket, but it isn't at 4.